Swimma Swimming Cap

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₦2,500.00 - ₦6,400.00

Product Overview

Afro-Tots:For babies and toddler, or children without high volume hair!

Afro-kids: This cap has plenty of space for braids, dreads, afros, etc – but caters for a smaller headsize. Mostly suitable for kids aged 8 years to adults but will suit anyone with a slightly smaller head.

Afro-midi is 10.5 inches (26.5cm) length when flat. Suitable for high volume afro, dreadlocks, braids, long hair, long hair, weaves and extensions.

Afro-regular is a very LARGE cap for long braids and dreadlocks. It measures 29cm when flat. It is NOT suitable for any type of natural hair because of its size. It will simply be too big. Should you switch between hairstyles and extensions of any kids, it is advisable to purchase different sizes.

Afro-regular narrow is a LARGE cap for long braids and locs / dreadlocks. It has a narrow opening suitable for smaller than average heads to provide a snugger fit. 29cm when flat / 11.4 inches when flat. Narrow is suitable for long dreadlocks and braids. If you have length and smaller than average head this cap is for you.

100% silicone

Anti-slip texture inside


(No reviews yet) Write a Review